Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Silver Lining

A little poem that I did in English :)

When I was young I was bullied
For being not the same
For being different
For being me
That time made me this way
And the memories live on to his very day

I still am quite different
Though it doesn’t bother me now
If I get called squinty weird or a cow
No now I am proud to be different
Now I am in a different world
Now I am a different girl

I used to watch my heroes on stage
Rally the troops around them
And wished one day I would be there too
With the podium, bright lights and praise

So I joined the ranks of the party
And the people there make me smile
Yes I am happy
Would i be there now if it weren’t for then
That’s the question
How, where, when
No I don’t think I would be
But I doubt it is that solely

Now my life is about to change
I am on that stage with the bright lighting
Oh yes every cloud has a silver lining

Dedicated to all those people who have made me so welcome and helped change my life J

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