Monday 2 May 2011

The Team

Its a little poem I wrote on a train... hope its not too soppy

The Team
I got off the train at Longniddry station
The sun getting ready to set over the scottish nation
I sat on the steps in the pouring rain
Brimming with joy at seeing the team again
The car wizzed into sight
I saw all of you grinning bright
5 minutes earlier I was alone
Now I know I had came home

The next three days
In summer haze
I laughed, I cried
And leafleted until I died
The nights crammed with revision
Although Julia distracted me from learning my division
It was hard work you know it
But I know I loved it
I searched for so long
But now you guys made me realise where I belong

Soon it was at an end
How time flies makes the mind bend
I must of hugged you all until you died
And at the station I know you cried
As the sun burnt bright
I saw you drive out of sight
Parting from you is never fun
And my tears glistened in the afternoon sun
So that was goodbye
It was heartbreaking I wont lie
And the memories will stay for all time
Untilthe eternal clock sounds its last chime

To those of you who this is dedicated to, you know who you are. Thank you guys so much it was a fantastic time