Wednesday 16 March 2011

Silver Lining

A little poem that I did in English :)

When I was young I was bullied
For being not the same
For being different
For being me
That time made me this way
And the memories live on to his very day

I still am quite different
Though it doesn’t bother me now
If I get called squinty weird or a cow
No now I am proud to be different
Now I am in a different world
Now I am a different girl

I used to watch my heroes on stage
Rally the troops around them
And wished one day I would be there too
With the podium, bright lights and praise

So I joined the ranks of the party
And the people there make me smile
Yes I am happy
Would i be there now if it weren’t for then
That’s the question
How, where, when
No I don’t think I would be
But I doubt it is that solely

Now my life is about to change
I am on that stage with the bright lighting
Oh yes every cloud has a silver lining

Dedicated to all those people who have made me so welcome and helped change my life J

Monday 14 March 2011


Oh yes ladies and gentlemen I am back!!! My apologies for a prolonged absence but I have had FAR too much to do. Conferences and work experience are all coming up, but if I may I would like to start with the all epic Liberal Democrat Spring Conference.

There is LOTS to report so I am not going to try and give you all to try. First order of business; the protesters. I don’t know how they can justify shouting and swearing at kids and attacking a disabled delegate. It is pathetic at best, if you want to protest fine but for heaven’s sake, at least have a molecule of decency! I found it awful when it got the point we were advised to remove our lanyards for our own safety!!! Needless to say I ignored the advice and walked out of Sheffield City Hall with my lanyard on and my head held high. I took the choice to be a Lib Dem and in my life I do not get to make many, so I will not be ashamed of that choice! Nor shall I have some ignorant protesters make me feel bad about it. Like I said in my speech, I rather be hung as a Lib Dem than live as a coward.

2nd item on this posts agenda (lol); Voting muck up. Oh yeah my one grudge (bar the diversity motion). I had been voted by my local party to be a voting rep. Unfortunately the confirmation of this was sent to Clifton Terrace and not Cowley Street. I was only verified a day before conference so I could not be voting rep for this conference. That’s all well and good but what got me was what happened with Sanjay. Sanjay had not even be verified yet he knew the right people so he was able to become a voting rep. That ladies and gents is major hypocrisy and taught me a lot how contacts can usually get you places.
                                                         Tim Farron and Me

Oh well moving swiftly on to item number 3; NHS debate. As Sanjay pointed out, there is so many way that the NHS could be part privatised. So I am so glad that the NHS motion was only passed with some heavy amendments. As I couldn’t vote (*silently rages*) I was relying on the voting reps and they didn’t let me or this party down, they should be really proud of themselves. It was great and grown up debate and I am over the moon that we can have them. It wasn’t the great showdown between the grassroots and the party leadership that was expected and I’m glad it wasn’t. However we did send a great flipping transparent and clear message to the government and specifically the Tories and David Camerons’ band of merry Tories, think about this again.

Item Number 4; Youth Justice. The prolific speaker as struck again and failed! Yes I am quite confident I epically failed on my speech but skipping over that. Finally I wasn’t the youngest speaker *rejoices*, yes young Maelo Manning put me to shame by speaking clearly and fantastically in this debate. Her contribution was fantastic and I was gobsmacked. Go Maelo!!!!! It was with the amendment that I disagreed with. 12 – 13 is far too young in my book for full criminal conviction and I took no pleasure in disagreeing with Susan Gaszczak but really 12 – 13 is too young. Thankfully the motion was passed and the amendment was defeated.

Stephen McFarland, Stephen Glenn and me :)

Epic item number 5; the people. I have met so many awesome people at this conference! That’s what made it so good in my eyes. I have found so many friends in this party that it is fast approaching becoming my second family. I am absolutely over the moon to meet Maelo, such a nice girl and so mature. Also the times I have had with people like Stephen Glenn, Stephen Mcfarland, Sophie Bridger, Sanjay Samani and Robbie Simpson has made my life brilliant for 3 short days, though if Caron Lindsay was there it would of been even better as I am missing my hugs. Virtual twitter hugs are not the same This conference has made me see myself in a different light. It is not about being the best, it’s about having fun, making friends and feeling content with yourself and I am so glad that I am in a party that gives me all of that and I thanks the people in it as well.
 Maelo Manning Showin Us All How It's Done
Number 6; the big wig speeches. Oh I could rave about the speeches for days but I don’t have that long. Brief summary; Tim was fabulous and Nick was epic. Can’t say fairer than that.

Final point and the most epic of all; GLEE CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first Glee club was fantastic. Tim did his awesome Ting Tings cover, the land was belted out three times and everything was loud, rowdy and epic. The twelve days of coalition was our main vent of anger as we sung “BUGGER ALL” with more venom that we should possibly have used.  Yes a good time was had by all although my vocal chords shall never recover.

Me and Robbie Simpson

If I was to summarise this conference in one word it would have been epic. I am looking forward with great enthusiasm to Birmingham