Friday, 22 October 2010

The This Week Review

Ah what can I say. The sight of Micheal Portillo accompanied on the couch by Alistair Darling and his hypnotic eyebrows is enough to scare even the most seasoned of this week viewers. Perhaps it was made even more of a shock to the system that Micheal was wearing a rather bright pink shirt. Yes, very scary indeed and it was not lessened by the fact that his trousers were far too tight. Alistair however was very laid back and wasn't even wearing his tie. This was quite a shock as I am used to the former chancellor looking quite formal. He even remaind quite cool as Micheal was squashing him up against the other side of the sofa.

We had contributions from Robert Peston who looked rather shockingly at home in a bar going on about hangovers? Do you think he has much experience. I always find it very hard listening to Mr Peston, his voice is very flat and drawn out.

Christine Hamilton also graced our T.V screens with a segment on Wayne Rooney. I did find myself questioning if she was the sort to be doing the work of football punditery.

Also on the sofas was Lembit Opik and Jonathan Powell. Jonathan had just done a peice on how it was important for the chancellor and the prime minister to get along. Well he should know he did have to put up with Brown and Blair bickering like two year olds.

So all in all a quite good program once you got over the shock of that hideous pink shirt (believe me it was quite awful). Next week I will have to record the show as well as Question Time because I'm back to school yippee (not).

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  1. The most horrible thing was the space to Portillo's left - about 18" or so - was so available for him to shove along a bit and let Darling sit more comfortable, instead of having to sit on one buttock and endure being hip to hip with a pink shirt and tight trousers.

    It's an image I dare say I will never ever be able to forget.