Friday 22 October 2010

Epic BBC Fail

I love Question Time. I love the tweets that come from it, I love seeing government ministers squirm, I love hearing all the different accents from around the country and I adored when Nick Griffin was totally owned on the show. However I have a bone to pick with the producers at the BBC. Where was the Lib Dem representative?

In a week that the Lib Dem's have faced critism Question Time would of been a perfect way to show our veiws and to make people see that really we aren't Tories. Well BBC you failed again.

I would like to remind the folks at the BBC that the Lib Dem's are still a seperate party with seperate views and they need to be represented. I would hope that if there was a Lib Dem then that he or she would do better than Philip Hammond.

Oh how can I explain the awfullness of Hammond's preformance. He got utterly annihilated. It was painful to watch. I think the people of Middlesbrough are far to clever or cynical to be charmed by his smile.

The only redeeming feature of this week's edition was that it came from my home town and I was pleased to see they weren't going to let their town be talked down. One man tried in the audience but the panel quickly shot him down.

So yes this week's Question Time was an absolute BBC fail if you were to ask me and I hope next time it is better and there is a lib dem there.

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