Thursday, 28 October 2010

Mr Sisi.... I am sick of theory already!!

Graphic Communication (A.K.A Tech Drawing) is a class centred on drawing. So why on earth did I just spend nearly my entire lesson copying from a text book? Sure my class won’t shut their mouths but c’mon, some people like me do get their work done when they get the chance.

It’s not even like this is a onetime occurrence, it keeps happening over and over again. I am beginning to suffer from crippling loss of morale and a high intensity of boredom. I could go on for hours, moaning about how my hand hurts with the writing and what we are copying out is something I learnt in Computing studies, but I won’t because I have a mother for that.

So keeping this short and sweet, Mr Sisi give me and my hand a break and let me finish my drawing please.

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