Friday 22 October 2010

Why I'm Going with Tim

There's high tension, high apprehension, high drama, hustings and conference appearences. Yes it must be an election.

The Liberal Democrat Presidential election is gripping the party! Yup you may not have realised but it is. It's between Susan Kramer and Tim Farron and it looks to be a close one indeed.

Now I saw Susan on Question Time and I met her at conference so I have a lot of time for Susan. Yet I'm afraid Twitter swung it for me. Tim was far more accessable and he seemed far more passionate. He is confident, charismatic and a great communicator. That's what we need in this party especialy now we are in coalition with the Tories (now I say that through gritted teeth).

So as soon as I got the ballot paper I placed my X next to Tim's name and sent it off. I wish Tim all the best of luck and will be crossing my fingers that he wins.

Still the expectation on him if he wins will be great and I hope he knows that. He will have to stand up for the party members and make sure Nick Clegg and others don't forget the grass roots. He will need to criss cross the country campaigning and look after his own constituency. Yet I think he will manage all that and I think he will succeed at it with flying colours.

So all that is left to say is good luck Tim!

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